the shrink and the sage

Here are the links to all the columns I have co-written with Julian Baggini for the FT magazine. The Shrink and the Sage, a book inspired by the column, is published by Icon.


2 April                 Must all good things come to an end?
19 March             Should we accept our limitations?
12 March             Should we share our troubles with others?
27 February        Is it better to give or to receive?
20 February       Must we be cruel to be kind?
13 February        Does life have to be difficult?
30 January         Is it time to unfriend social media?
23 January          Is balance boring?
17 January          Should we love our children unconditionally?
9 January            Are we optimists or pessimists?


19 December       Should we ever delay the inevitable?
8 December         Is there sense in common sense?
21 November       How do we respect others’ choices?
14 November       Should we be embarrassed?
31 October            Is work good for us?
24 September      Must we get to the bottom of things?
17 September       How important is our environment?
3 September        Do we need metaphors?
26 September      Does an apology matter?
19 September       Should we break our routines?
5 September        Do our possessions define us?
29 August             How important in life is fun?
15 August             Can we help the way we feel?
8 August               Should we feel sorry for ourselves?
1 August               How do we live with our mistakes?
18 July                 Can we lead a fulfilling life without children?
11 July                  Who’s responsible for our happiness?
4 July                   Should we come to terms with death?
27 June                Why aren’t tea towels enough?
20 June               Should we collect memories?
13 June                Should we change ourselves or the world?
6 June                  How do we choose our guides?
30 May                 Should we stress about stress?
16 May                 Can we get used to anything?
8 May                   Which great thinker is most relevant today?
2 May                   Should we avoid distraction?
25 April               Can we be too secure?
18 April                Should we strike a balance?
11 April                How can we be content in a world full of choices?
28 March            When should we say no?
21 March             Is confusion good?
14 March             Should we invite the unwelcome?
7 March               How should we look after ourselves?
28 February        Are you selfish?
21 February         Are you in the spotlight?
14 February         Should we ‘get over it’?
7 February           What transforms us?
24 January          Are good intentions enough?
17 January           Should we have pets?
10 January          Do we need props?
3 January            What do we owe our parents?


20 December       Should we meditate?
6 December         Should you show you care?
22 November      Are we in denial?
15 November       What is comfort?
8 November        Should we talk to ourselves?
25 October           Should we seek material security?
19 October           Where does motivation come from?
11 October            Should you keep your options open?
4 October             Should we cultivate resilience?
27 September      Should we stop moaning?
20 September     Do you suffer from FOMO?
13 September      What’s the problem with anger?
6 September        How should we present ourselves?
30 August            How gloomy should we be?
23 August            Do we need hobbies?
16 August             Where should we draw the line?
9 August              Is it ok not to have an opinion?
2 August              Is the whole really greater than the sum of its parts?
26 July                 Who should we trust?
19 July                  What is wisdom?
12 July                  Must we agree with ourselves?
5 July                    What happens when empathy isn’t enough?
28 June                Should we grow old disgracefully?
21 June                Should we travel?
14 June                How do you evaluate a life?
7 June                  Is better off really better?
17 May                 How can we improve our wellbeing?
10 May                 Should we avoid avoidance?
3 May                   How open should we be?
26 April               Should we avoid shoulds?
19 April                Should we be more spontaneous?
12 April                Is envy diabolical?
5 April                  Is it ok to objectify people?
29 March             Should we be religious?
22 March             How useful is self-knowledge?
15 March              Should we avoid value judgements?
8 February           Should we mind our language?
1 March                Do we need a sense of humour?
21 February         Must challenge mean confrontation?
15 February         How free are we?
8 February           Should we fear the worst?
1 February            Is it better to focus on today or tomorrow?
25 January           Do we need to focus?
18 January           Can we be both content and motivated?
11 January            Is it ok to do nothing?
4 January             Are we the stars of our own movie?


21 December       Do strengths or weaknesses matter more?
7 December         Is it the thought that counts?
30 November      What should we talk about?
23 November      Should we be more stoic?
16 November      Should we embrace change?
9 November        Does it matter what people think?
2 November        Doth the lady protest too much?
26 October          How important is luck?
12 October           What can dreaming tell us?
5 October             Why do I always do that?
28 September     Does tidiness matter?
14 September      What’s the problem with boredom?
7 September        Is trying enough?
31 August             Is philosophy therapeutic?
24 August            Is gratification better delayed?
17 August             What is the benefit of doubt?
10 August            Should we retreat?
3 August              Are we compassionate enough?
20 July                 Is life too short?
13 July                 Should we quantify ourselves?
6 July                   Should we resolve our contradictions?
29 June               How mindful should we be?
22 June               How important is curiosity?
15 June                Will something turn up?
25 May                Is ego an asset?
18 May                How do we deal with a broken promise?
11 May                 What do we need?
4 May                   Should we live in hope?
27 April               Do we have too many things?
20 April              How important is friendship?
13 April               Do we need emotional intelligence?
6 April                 Should we nurture our inner child?
30 March            Do we wear masks?
23 March            Is it our fault?
16 March            How can we cope with loneliness?
9 March              Can’t or won’t?
2 March              Should we fake it till we make it?
16 February        Should I be grateful?
2 February         Are we all doing our best?
26 January        Can we have too much self-esteem?
19 January         Is silence golden?
5 January           Am I a nobody going nowhere?


22 December      Are men from Mars and women from Venus?
8 December        Have we become too assertive?
1 December         What’s so bad about comfort eating?
10 November      Is love a choice?
3 November       Do I know what you’re thinking?
20 October         Is there really no place like home?
13 October          Should we run away from reality?
29 September     Do we need nature?
22 September     Should we be afraid of weakness?
8 September       Am I a failure?
1 September       Is it just me?
18 August           How well can we know ourselves?
11 August            How do we mind the gaps?
28 July                How do we best help others?
21 July                 Do our lives need a narrative?
7 July                   Should we make room for rumination?
30 June               Is modesty still a virtue?
16 June                Are we addicted to addiction?
3 June                  Should we complain more or less?
19 May                 Is a simpler life a better life?
12 May                 What’s the problem with introversion?
28 April               How do you mend a broken heart?
21 April                Can we avoid a broken heart?
7 April                  What should we expect of others?
31 March             Can procrastination be positive?
17 March             Does freedom make us anxious?
10 March             Is it good to be idle?
25 February        Must guilt be a burden?
18 February        What does it mean to be a grown-up?
4 February          Do we need to have a passion?
28 January          Is there a right way to grieve?
14 January          Are we responsible for our actions?
7  January           Is blood thicker than water?


3 December        Is identity a trap?
26 November     Are high standards healthy?
12 November      Is character destiny?
5  November       Must we face the truth?
22 October          Is it important to work?
15 October          Can suffering do us good?
30 September     How deadly is pride?
24 September     Do we need a life partner?
10 September      Is it good to argue?
3 September       Can self-improvement go too far?
20 August           Should our head rule our heart?
13 August            Do our habits form us?
30 July                How important is independence?
23 July                Must we fulfil our potential?
9 July                  Can we avoid deceiving ourselves?
2 July                  Should we do what makes us happy?
18 June               Why is our will weak?
11 June               How much should we care about our appearance?
28 May               When is it time to give up?
21 May                What must we do before we die?
7 May                  What can we do when we’re torn?
30 April              Should we love ourselves?
16 April               Do we need to be spiritual?
9 April                 Should we be true to ourselves?
12 March            Is therapy an indulgence?
5 March              What can we do when life loses meaning?
19 February        Must fear be overcome?
12 February        Should we listen to our inner critic?
29 January         Can we free ourselves from superstition?
22 January         Do we have too much choice?
8 January           Why won’t new year’s resolutions stick?


4 December        Should we trust our gut instincts?
27 November     Is pessimism good for us?
13 November      Should we worry about status?
6 November        Should we keep a stiff upper lip?
23 October          Should we regret the past?
16 October          Can infidelity be good for a relationship?