My approach

My approach is a unique blend of counselling, coaching and philosophy. The precise shape of the session will depend on you and what you bring, but generally I see the process as a reflective conversation in which both participants are committed to exploring things with curiosity. For my part, I will do what I can to help you to understand yourself better and take appropriate steps forward.

These are the models that have influenced me the most:

Existential psychotherapy and philosophical counselling focus on exploring how implicit or explicit values, assumptions and conceptions of the good life find expression in how we live.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and life coaching, on the other hand, concentrate on clarifying the way forward, formulating goals and breaking them down into concrete steps that we can gradually move towards.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Morita therapy offer a very important perspective: we don’t have to change our feelings in order to take action. What we need to do instead is learn to coexist with unpleasant feelings while we move in a valued direction:

Begin taking action now, while being neurotic or imperfect, or a procrastinator or unhealthy or lazy or any other label by which you inaccurately describe yourself. Go ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be and get started on those things you want to accomplish before you die.’ (Shoma Morita)

You can find out more about how it all works in practice here.