About me

I originally trained as an existential psychotherapist at Regents College London, with Emmy Van Deurzen and Ernesto Spinelli. I then worked as a drugs and alcohol counsellor for many years. During this time I developed more cognitive and practical ways of working, focusing on helping people to resolve their ambivalence and move towards appropriate goals, looking ahead to counter any obstacles and dealing with relapses.

Later I studied philosophy and I was involved with the philosophical counselling movement since its early days in the UK. I have a particular interest in decision-making, moral dilemmas and ‘weakness of will’.

My book Reason, Virtue and Psychotherapy (2006) explores Aristotle’s ideas in relation to everyday issues that frequently come up in counselling and therapy.

The Shrink and the Sage (2012), co-authored with Julian Baggini and inspired by the column of the same name that we wrote for the FT magazine, is published by Icon.

My most recent book More Than Happiness: Buddhist and Stoic Wisdom for a Sceptical Age is published by Icon.